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I thank you all for being here. The purpose of this hearing-- There will not be a vote taken today, as you know. What we're going to do today is a hearing that has to happen so that there can be a record of this hearing so that this legislation will be on the ballot in November.

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I thank you all for being here. The purpose of this hearing-- There will not be a vote taken today, as you know. What we're going to do today is a hearing that has to happen so that there can be a record of this hearing so that this legislation will be on the ballot in November. I have the sponsors of the legislation here right now, Senator Cardinale and Assemblyman Rooney. One thing I insist is if you have a cell phone or a beeper, turn it off, because I don't want to hear them going on during the meeting.

If they do, I will ask you to leave the room. Now, here are the rules, and it's going to be very strict. I have over 37 people that want to testify. It will be impossible for everyone to get up and talk for 15 or 20 minutes. We have a timer. You have a three-minute time limit to get whatever information you want to get on the record. Make it quick. In three minutes, the timer will go off, and I will have you finish your sentence so we can go to the next person.

If you don't-- If we don't do that, then we'll have the same problem that we had at the last meeting, where we could not get everyone in to speak. This meeting will go from now untiland at it will terminate. So make your point, get it across in three minutes, and you'll be asked to shut it off at that point so that we can listen to as many people as possible.

But atthis meeting will end. First, we'll have Senator Cardinale explain the legislation he has proposed. Chairman and distinguished members of the Committee. For many, many years, we have all accepted the proposition that parental involvement in their children's lives is a positive thing for our entire society. There, unfortunately, has arisen a theory that when it comes to things like abortion, parents should be shut out of their children's lives.

Obviously, if parents are involved, there may be some abortionists who make less money, because parents may, in fact, in some instances, advise their children on a different path. There are some who would like to see a year-old, who becomes pregnant, be taken by the hand to an abortion clinic by a stranger. Maybe it's a teacher, maybe it's a member of Planned Parenthood, maybe it's none of those. That's an obscenity. We know, because we have very good data, very recent data that the great majority of the people in the State of New Jersey want us to pass this legislation.

They want us to overcome the very ill-informed, unfortunate decision made by our Supreme Court that this law, which we pass, should not be enforced. We need to pass this constitutional amendment.

We need to put this on the ballot so that the public, and not a few elites sitting on that Supreme Court, make the decision, not a few elites who make money from the abortion mills in the State of New Jersey. They're not the people we are here to serve.

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We are here to serve the great bulk -- the great majority of fukc people of the State of New Jersey. Chairman, I thank jrrsey very much for holding this hearing. I thank you for all of the work that you have done with respect to this issue. And I would hope that we can proceed. And I'm looking forward to this being on the ballot in November. Thank you very much. Assemblyman Rooney, you have the same three minutes. I will abide by those three minutes, Mr.

I appreciate this opportunity. As you well know, I was the sponsor in the Assembly, where the bill originated, of the original parental notification law. We went-- And I worked on the bill for 11 years. And we worked on that bill with the administration, the Whitman administration, and we did a lot of things on that bill that protected everyone's interest. Basically, what we did was we provided the judicial bypass. We provided all of the safeguards that would have if they had a problem going to their parents.

They could go before the judge. They could even get an attorney to work for them pro bono. This was all part of that package. Everything protected that. And also, it helped bring the family together, as Senator Cardinale said. One of the things the Senator missed, and what we picked up, was, in a situation where has been repeatedly raped by a family member, the current law, the way it's done, is that child goes to an abortion mill, gets the abortion, and is returned immediately to that same situation and probably raped over and over and over again.

Our law allowed that child to go to the judge, explain why they didn't want to tell their parent or why they didn't want to tell anyone, because they were trying to cover the illegal acts of a sibling or a stepparent or a tfenton, for that matter. They could go before that judge and get protection. The law provided that they could go to DYFS and have that practice ended. fuc,

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And right now, there are children that are given abortions ols these abortion clinics, returned to the same environment. And as the Senator said, year-olds, year-olds-- What happens to this child is they are physically and psychologically invaded by these abortion clinics. Grenton taken in, given the abortion. And before that, we had testimony in my -- in the original bill -- in the Assembly and the Senate committee that before they go to that abortion clinic, they must put that money up front.

List of people from New Jersey

That's the main interest fuuck the abortion clinics. When the child now brings the family into the situation, they go to their family doctor, their family hospital, and the family is involved. Yes, there are problems with some situations where they nes go, but in most of the surveys that come out, over 60 percent of the children that don't involve their families -- the reason that they give is that they are too embarrassed.

And that's not a good huddy reason to isolate the family and have that child live with this guilt on their own for probably the rest of their lives. We had some devastating testimony. I was moved. And I was glad that I was the sponsor of the bill.

'Megan's Law' killer escapes death under N.J. execution ban

One of the other things that I'd like to leave with the Committee-- I do have-- This was written to you. She has testified all over the country, and there are many reasons in here about these issues.

She's a very learned woman. She couldn't be here today, because she's working on two other states. The other thing that bothers me the most about the situation -- probably not the most but as much, is the fact that New Jersey's one. We're one in per capita abortions of our teenagers. This is the problem that we have in oldw State. Why, because other states around us-- There are 40 states now that have either a parental notification or parental consent law. And what's happening? We're getting all of the kids coming in our state.

It should be a Federal law. It absolutely should be.

And the Federal government should take a step to do that. And I'm hopeful the Bush administration will do it.

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And I know my time is up. Thank you, Mr. I'm going to leave this with the Committee for inclusion in the written testimony. Now, I'm going to call on Dr. Tumberello sic first, because he has two mothers in waiting. Where's the Doctor? C: First, let me clarify, my name is Joel Tumberello.

I'm an obstetrical and gynecological nurse practitioner in Moorestown. And my other credentials are there listed before you. And I wanted to just state a little bit that for the last several years, I've been devoted to delivering obstetrical care and gynecological care to women of every age group, beginning at age The best I can do to exemplify what I wish to convey today is to relay a personal experience which has happened to me and many of my colleagues many times. One morning in my office I was contacted by a school nurse on behalf of one of my teen patients, a year-old, who was suffering from abdominal pain.

The student asked the nurse to contact me, as she was afraid to have her parents contacted because she was very filled with shame and fear that the pain might be a result of the sexual intercourse she engaged in trenon her boyfriend. And she was concerned that it might be a pregnancy that went wrong, in her own words. She came to my office. She was terrified. And we discovered that the pain was a result of an abscess on her ovary -- a tubal ovarian abscess.

At that point, I encouraged her to tell tdenton parents, and we contacted her parents. After a consultation with them, an emergency surgery was undertaken with my partner at the time. I can't imagine what would have happened if the student didn't call me or delayed because she was forced to have some type of parental notification to enw me over this issue.

Without old confidence that she could come to me -- without having confidence that she could come to me anonymously and privately, she probably wouldn't have sought care at that particular time.